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“Urban exploration with Gates makes for wildly entertaining reading. Whereas most travel authors highlight the museums, fashionable streets, and restaurants of the
great cities of the world… [Gates] revels in surmounting contrived barriers, whether in New York, Paris, or Ukraine… A solidly entertaining ride.”
Publishers Weekly

“(an) ambitious, rollicking, debut travel memoir…Gates knows how to make us feel part of the pack. He is both a daring and a chummy guide…”Hidden Cities” is an entertaining celebration of curiosity. It’s a manifesto for the inquisitive, a reminder of the importance of looking carefully, asking deeply and daring to jump mental boundaries.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Hidden Cities chronicles a life lived on the bleeding edge of many metropolises, detailing the experiences of an insatiably adventurous spirit who finds excitement and inspiration in the most unlikely places…an exhilarating read and a reminder that sometimes the best way to examine your life is to change your perspective. ”
Time Out New York

“Moses Gates’s Hidden Cities is a thrilling romp through the underworlds (and sometimes the highest heights) of cities we think we know…Hidden Cities reminds us that no matter how jaded we may be, the world will always hold something new for those who look.”
The Celebrity Cafe

Hidden Cities is a measured and heartfelt look at some wild times in some crazy places, but it is most of all a paean to curiosity and where it takes you.”
Robert Sullivan, author of Rats and My American Revolution

“A great city at night is a massive playground, a wonderland imprinted by the dreams, desires and accomplishments of those millions that have lived and do yet live there. Moses Gates knows this and has beautifully described that yearning some humans have to explore the built environment.  Whether you are an arm chair adventurer or the most accomplished climber/explorer in the world you will find the stories in this book charming, inspirational and filled with examples of that most human of needs: ‘the need to see and know.’”
John Law, co-author of “Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society”,  Suicide Club member emeritus and co-founder of the Burning Man Festival”

“An intrepid urban Sherpa’s impassioned salute to ‘the joy of trespassing.’ Part guidebook, part social history, part coming of age story. Dig in: you’ll never look at cities the same way again.”
Robert Neuwirth, author of Stealth of Nations and Shadow Cities

“Follow Moses Gates and others as they truly experience the world’s great cities in ways far removed from how Frommer’s, Fodor’s, or any Michelin guide would encourage you to. Hidden Cities is a rollicking travelogue packed with secrets of the world’s metropoli that the local constabulary would rather you not discover.”
Kevin Walsh, author of Forgotten New York

Hidden Cities offers a thrilling glimpse into the secret worlds that surround us. Moses Gates has crafted an endlessly absorbing book that succeeds on many levels — as a compelling travelogue, a nuts-and-bolts how-to manual, and a deep-feeling and highly relatable personal memoir. Anybody who reads it will emerge invigorated by possibility.”
Davy Rothbart, creator of Found Magazine, author of My Heart is an Idiot, frequent contributor to public radio’s This American Life